Play Aviator online for real cash

Aviator is a crash-game held in high demand. This game was the first to win recognition from gamblers. It was released in 2019 and its provider-company is Spribe.

Aviator features a high RTP rate of 97% and mid to low volatility level. Its notable feature is the low amount of rules for the players to memorize before starting to play.

This crash-game was quickly added to every popular online casino. Many gambling services even give it a separate category on their website’s navigation bar.

That is why the gamblers can easily find the application, launch it both for free and for real cash, on any Android, IOS and Windows Phone device.

Best casinos for Aviator

Reliable and stable casinos offer their customers to bet on the Aviator game, while being able to open it on any device. It is important that users choose a reliable gaming service that will enable them to spend their leisure time in safety, with all the responsible game rules.

The secure gaming websites have many distinctive features, namely:

  • Quality certifications, relevant license and the usage of encryption protocols
  • Access to licensed games only and regular gaming library updates
  • Lots of different bonuses, tournaments and lotteries for customers
  • Availability of different ways for depositing and withdrawal
  • Adaptive official website and a dedicated app for quick launch of Aviator

Users are to take a look at active players’ reviews that are often shared in many open sources, and make a research of popular websites ratings. Every visitor can quickly register on their own, in order to check whether the casino is reliable.

It is advisable to pay attention, whether the casino’s technical support is competent and responsive, so that it can help solve every issue. Gamblers will be able to address the support staff when they need the rules explained, and in the cases of other issues.

Top casinos offer a demo of Aviator, so that the players-to-be are able to train and test the gameplay. The websites of high-rated casinos are simple and feature user-friendly navigation. Special mirror links are offered in cases when access to the service is blocked. Those enable a fail-safe access to the gambling activities.

Special attention is to be paid to the transaction fees, limitations and methods. This information is necessary for the ones who want to bet with real cash and withdraw their winnings. The best gambling services take no transaction fees, credit cash on the player’s account instantly and feature a stable winnings withdrawal system.

Game review

The Aviator crash-game is one of the most recognizable applications of the genre. The players are met with a simplistic style, low amount of options and the chance to multiply the initial bet by 100. The software works perfectly on any device, regardless of the operational system.

Aviator is the most common choice of the gamblers who want to try and understand strategies that can later be used with slot games. Martingale system and odds betting are the most commonly used with this crash-game.

How to play?

The Aviator crash-game is very easy to play. Gamblers are to follow the next manual:

  • Pick a casino for spending the leisure time
  • Log-in with login and password
  • Deposit and make sure that there is enough cash for betting
  • Find the “Aviator” crash-game in the games library
  • Select the mode for launching this application
  • Adjust the betting settings
  • Click the “Start” button and begin the game

Next the gambler plays within their betting budget. Reminder: in order to play safely, one must follow the responsible game rules. Many casinos post those rules in the footer, so anyone can access them at any time.


The players of the crash-game are to cash-out before the plane flies away. Despite the simple rules, the bettors should take into account a set of issues. The users are to place either one or two simultaneous bets. Next they click the “Start” button. A red plane will start rising. The odds are increased with the altitude of the plane.

While the plane remains in the game area, the player can press the “Cash out” button (either one or two at the same time). If they do it in time, while the plane icon is still present on the screen, the multiplied winnings will be added to the account.

The bettors are also offered to use the auto-mode. This mode features automatic cash-out for one of the bets on either set or random multiplier. The autobet is usually taken on smaller odds, around x1.5, in order to increase the player’s win chances.

The left part of the screen contains statistics about other players’ results, and the results of the bettor in question. This feature can be used to track the odds and then increase the bet in time.


A characteristic of this gambling machine is the absence of symbols. There are no icons that would form a combination. The main screen features a single red plane that increases its altitude and thus the odds grow. An additional element that can be seen on the interface is the red curve that underlines the increase of the multiplier. The main menu also contains an odds bar and the control panel. This simplicity of the crash-game’s style allows one to focus on the gameplay without the need to pay attention to lots of extra features.

Bet size, dispersion and RTP

The crash-game has quite a high return-to-player (RTP) rate of 97%. The guests also hold the game in high esteem due to the mid to low volatility. The dispersion indicates how often the game results in a win. When it comes to the Aviator, the winnings are rather common, yet in lower sums. This software is perfect for the ones with smaller betting budget or limited gameplay time.

The minimum bet is 0.10 cents and it can be increased up to 100 USD. The major upside of the game is the two simultaneous bets feature. One can place a bet up to 100 USD on each of them.

Aviator game on the mobile phone

Players often choose mobile devices for their leisure. Users are offered a downloadable application that can be found on many official websites of casinos that support Aviator.

In such a way visitors can gain a quick access to all the casino features without the possibility of it being blocked.

An efficient way to play via mobile device is by using the browser version for betting. The participants are to open the official website of the developer-company (in order to play a demo mode) or the online casino that offers to play different versions of the software.

This game was developed using html5 technology and thus adjusts correctly to the screen resolution, operating system and retains access to the:

  • Colorful and simplistic graphics
  • Autogame mode
  • Relevant sound feedback
  • Simple controls and odds statistics
  • Two bets at a time feature
  • One’s own betting results

Due to the low internet traffic intake, the participants can freely use their mobile network for internet access and real cash betting.

The browser version doesn’t require downloading of third-party software and has low system requirements. That is why one can play Aviator from any device.

All the money won in Aviator can be either withdrawn or used for further betting. The supported payment methods can be found in the user’s account page.

Aviator Live

It is impossible to play Aviator in Live mode. The players who want to win real cash must proceed to the casino’s website, log-in and make a deposit. For one to play for real money, the game must be launched in the relevant mode and then:

  • Adjust the settings for either single or double bets
  • Launch the plane
  • Click the “Cash out” button before the plane leaves the game screen

If the player cashed out in time, the bet’s sum will be multiplied by the odds hit during the game. The results can be checked in the left part of the screen. This is where all the currently betting users’ statistics can be seen.

Aviator demo

Demo-mode is a crash game start format that allows the participants to test all the Aviator features without the need to use real money.

Visitors can access all the program’s options, see the graphics, multiplier increase and other features. The players can:

  • Launch the plane
  • Make two simultaneous bets
  • Receive winnings
  • Observe the results of other gamblers

The main benefit of the demo-mode is that it can be used for betting and game strategy building. Since the game uses virtual coins, the participants have no risk of losing their own money. They can restart the software at any moment.

It is important to remember that it is impossible to withdraw such winnings, and that the amount of the virtual coins is updated each time the player finishes the gaming session.

However, each time the user restarts the free mode of the app, the amount of freecoins is updated and they can proceed to continue training. In order to start this game format, the users are to open the internet casino’s website, find the software in the library and press the “Demo” button.

FAQ — the most common questions about Aviator

What is Aviator?

Aviator is one of the most popular crash-games that allows the participant to make bets on a simple game and get a multiplier up to x100. This solution is prominent with its unique rules and the gameplay mechanic that can’t be found in any other conventional gambling machines.

Where do I play Aviator?

Aviator can be played in different online-casinos that offer this software. The advisable gambling leisure website is the one that has a valid license, quality certifications and support different payment services. This allows the participants to bet safely and receive their winnings.

The demo-mode can not only be accessed via the online casino, but also on the developer’s website. Here one can start up Aviator in demo mode only, but this is enough to check all the software’s benefits.

Can I play Aviator for free?

Yes, Aviator can be launched in the free mode via demo version. It is impossible to withdraw the winnings, but it can be used for testing how the game works, learning the rules and finding a betting tactic. Virtual coins are used to start the game in this mode. That is why there is no risk of money loss. It is unnecessary to authorize and make a deposit.

Is Aviator available for mobile devices?

Yes, the game works well on smartphones and touchpads with any operating system. Users can play either via casino app or mobile browser version. This format works perfectly on any device, regardless of the OS and screen resolution.

How can I get freespins in Aviator?

Aviator doesn’t support freespins, so it is impossible for players to collect different combinations or launch the plane without a placed bet.

What are the bet limitations?

One can start playing with a bet of 0.10 cent and further increase it up to 100 USD per bet.